ABC model chatbot

This project is about a virtual assistant available to help patients when they face a binge eating episode.

Several cognitive-behavioural treatment programs are based on the “ABC” model where the patients have to fill in forms by hand. In collaboration with psychologists from the University of Fribourg, the idea came up to create a chatbot to replace this “manual” process with an assistant who helps the patient to carry out the whole process of the “ABC” model. The introduction of a chatbot creates more room for manoeuvre and thus promotes flexibility in the patient’s recovery. Indeed, the chatbot might eventually serve as a personal coach for the patient and could provide regular support since it’s always available. In addition, all data is stored in a database, therefore therapists could easily monitor their patients.

More details about the project.

Project’s functionalities:

  • Always available chatbot
  • Helping with ongoing crisis
  • Handling Emergency card
  • Progress tracking and report


  • Elena Mugellini
  • Simone Munsch
  • Omar Abou Khaled
  • Marius Rubo
  • Fouad Hannoun

Telegram conversation with the chatbot