App-based aftercare services for inpatients with psychological illnesses

Digital media such as a mobile phone application have the potential to complement and improve existing psychotherapeutic services and to close existing gaps in healthcare services. The current COVID-19 pandemic also highlights the need to expand existing digital care services.

A mobile phone app makes it possible to access psychotherapy content outside the psychiatric setting and to repeat or deepen therapeutic exercises. The aim of the project is therefore, to develop an app-based intervention, to expand the aftercare of inpatients with mental illnesses, and thus increase the access to evidence-based interventios. The use of the app should also help to facilitate the integration of psychotherapy content into everyday life, improve quality of life and prevent relapses and rehospitalizations in the long term.

The project will be implemented at the University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) in Basel and is funded by the Gertrud Thalmann Fonds.


  • Philipp Pompetzki
  • Simone Munsch
  • Elena Mugellini
  • Marc Walter
  • Charles Benoy