A website designed for online treatment program for the therapy of binge eating disorders.

The advantage of online interventions (website, app) is that they can be used anonymouslyindependent of time and location on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. They are also less expensive. In this way, access to treatment is also made possible for socio-culturally disadvantaged or isolated patients (low-threshold offer).

Project’s functionalities:

  • Therapy sessions in the form of surveys
  • Multiple modules containing multiple sessions each
  • Personal and public notes sharing system
  • Messaging system
  • Progress tracking


  • Omar Abou Khaled
  • Robin Cherix
  • Fouad Hannoun
  • Elena Mugellini
  • Simone Munsch
  • Marius Rubo

Screenshot of a survey on i-BEAT platform

What I really liked was that i-BEAT is anonymous. I felt it made me less afraid to open up. What I also found practical was that i-BEAT is independent of time and place. So, you can decide when and where you want to edit the online sessions. I also liked the fact that I received personal feedback every week from my coach, who answered all my questions and could give me helpful tips. It was also a great advantage that I didn’t have to travel long distances and therefore didn’t have to rely on my parents or public transport. Above all, this reduced time and costs. Because I live in the country, where only a few psychotherapists work, it was great that I could do the session comfortably on my laptop. Since I spend a lot of time on my laptop anyway, i-BEAT really appealed to me.

– i-BEAT patient